Cotopaxi Paray Lightweight Jacket, Review

Cotopaxi is a great local Salt Lake company. They’ve been around since 2014 and have been producing amazing gear the whole time. The Paray Lightweight Jacket is their first real running jacket and here is what I think about it.

Cotopaxi Paray Lightweight Jacket:


Features: Aka the boring facts (From Cotopaxi’s site)

  • 20D mini-ripstop nylon shell
  • DWR finish/polyurethane backing
  • Athletic fit
  • Elastic binding at hood, cuffs (with thumbholes), and hem
  • Scuba hood
  • Front hand pockets
  • Internal key sleeve
  • Packs into interior chest pocket
  • Reflective logos
  • 3.7 oz
  • MSRP $100

 Spencer’s Opinion (The nitty gritty)

I’ve used this jacket for running, hiking, biking, and walking around campus. This is why I like the jacket:

Pros: (the nitty)

  • Packable – this makes it great for carrying around campus. I hate carrying a big bulky jacket I take off during class and find some random chair to put it on. With this jacket, I just pack it into itself and put it in my backpack. This also makes it great for hiking and backpacking. My friend carried it on a Spartan Race packed into a fanny pack.
  • Weight – The thing only weighs 3.7 oz. That is less than a well made pinewood derby car. When wearing this jacket, you can barely feel it, which makes it great for running. Amazing for backpacking as well, when you are really worried about the weight you are carrying.
  • Elastic Thumb Holes – There are regular thumb holes on a jacket, then there are these. No one knows why thumb wholes on jackets are so amazing, but they are.

Thumb Holes on the Cotopaxi Paray

  • Price – $100 for this jacket is a pretty normal price for a jacket like this. At the same time, It’s still $100… The thing is, I have never paid full price for something from Cotopaxi. They have some type of sale going on all the time. They also hand out discount codes like candy especially to frequent costumers. Just get on their email list and you’ll get some. I only paid $30 for this jacket last year at their Sample Sale.

Cons: (the gritty)

  • It isn’t fully water proof – It is more of water resistant. It works well for light to moderate rain, but more than that, it’s gonna soak through over time.
  • No Hood Pull String – Don’t get me wrong, I like the hood. I just wish it had some type of pull/draw string to tighten the hood. It gives me tunnel vision with the hood up.
  • No Zipper Pockets – Pretty self explanatory. However, it does cut down on weight


The Cotopaxi Paray Lightweight Jackets is great for everything active. It weighs less than a pinewood derby car. Find a discount code and buy one.

Paray Lightweight Jacket – Men's

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